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Beta API Released, Update on Version 4.0 Work

We are excited to announce the beta release of a webservice API for Bible SuperSearch.

We have been working to completely rebuild the software from the ground up into modern PHP and JavaScript frameworks.

This API is the first release of this work.  The API has been built using the Laravel framework, and has most, if not all, of the current (v 2.2) functionality.  It also features a fully optimized verse proximity search algorithm.  The future 4.0 release will incorporate unreleased v3.0 (“Bible SuperSearch Pro”) functionality, along with completely new features.

These features will include:

  • Brand new, streamlined frontend built with Enyo JS
  • Italicization of added words
  • Strongs number search
  • Strongs definitions
  • Native plugins for common content management systems (CMS) including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla
  • More options for displaying, copying, and printing text.
  • Embedded Strongs numbers (for selected Bibles)
  • Statistics for a given passage including readability statistics

Our current software installs completely on your website.  While we believe that this decentralized approach is the best way, we also see that this new JavaScript client will be much easier for the less tech savy to install, and they will not have to maintain a database with it.  CMS plugins should make our software plug-and-play for anyone using those CMS’s.  We will also, at some point in the future, release the API server code as well, and encourage others to run the software independent of our website.

Now, that our basic API is ready, we will begin work on designing and building a completely new and modern user interface.  Along with adding new features to the API, we are hoping to have Bible SuperSearch 4.0 released by April 2018 at the latest. gets a facelift.

If you are seeing this, you are on the new Bible SuperSearch website.  We are pleased to announce that our website has been rebuilt from the ground up with clean code and a modern design.  This has been done in preparation for work on Bible SuperSearch 4.0, which itself will be rebuild from the ground up with clean code and a modern design.

As for Bible SuperSearch 4.0, we are still in the planning stages.  We will have to decide which PHP framework to use.

Announcing Bible SuperSearch 4.0

We are pleased to announce the beginning of development of Bible SuperSearch version 4.0. This is still in the planning stages, but will include all of the functionality of the current (2.x) release and most of the features of the unreleased ‘Pro’ (3.0) version.

This will be a complete rebuild and rewrite of the software from the database up, with full optimization.  It will be built as a webservice API, with plugins for Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and other popular content management systems.  As now, it will also be able to be ran on a generic website.  Building it as a webservice will allow for much easier installation, and will also allow developers to develop their own user interfaces for the software.  The software for the webservice API will also be released, so that websites can run their own webservice if they want, and not have to depend on ours.

Features that will be added in 4.0:

  • Italicization of added words
  • Strongs number search
  • Strongs definitions
  • Native plugins for common CMSs including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla
  • Optimized verse proximity search (as it currently runs very slow)
  • More options for displaying, copying, and printing text.

Features that may be added in 4.0:

  • Embedded Strongs numbers (for Bible modules that support it)
  • Statistics including readability statistics

This is by no means a complete list.  In addition, the new webservice will be able to produce any common webservice format, including XML, SOAP, JSON and JSONP.

Bible SuperSearch 2.2.00 Released

This release adds the functionality to allow Bible SuperSearch to be used as a WordPress plugin.

This adds a WordPress shortcode . This shortcode takes the following arguments:

  • interface: Bible SuperSearch interface to display (default: user_friendly2)
  • iframe_id: ‘id’ attribute of the iframe tag. Must be unique. Don’t change this if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Bible SuperSearch 2.1.45 Released

All users are urged to apply this update, as a serious security issue has been discovered and fixed.

In addition, several bugs were fixed, and mysql deprecation errors have been hidden when running in PHP 5.5+. A future release will switch to a non-deprecated mysql extension.

Website Renovated

The Bible SuperSearch renovations are complete.  In the future, we will be working on special tools for the original Bible languages of Greek and Hebrew, which will be part of Bible SuperSearch Pro.  Please stay tuned.

Bible SuperSearch 2.1.00 Released

Bible SuperSearch 2.1.00 has been released.
This new release features several improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • A new authentication system for installer. The installer should now work on more servers. (Many were having trouble with the installer.)
  • The system can now handle large Bibles that require more than 3 module files.
  • Highlighting revised to handle quotes in the text.
  • Issues with the advanced search page and Internet Explorer/Firefox for Windows resolved
  • New Bible modules:
    • Thai KJV
    • Spanish Reina Valera 1858 NT
    • Textus Receptus – Parsed
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Fixed <div> tag imbalance that may disrupt some website’s formatting.
  • Issues with using period in references.
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox for Windows format issues
  • Random Chapter/Verse now works for user_friendly2 interface
  • Proximity/Chapter search with only one word now works, acts as a basic search
  • Fixed bugs in the Bible search tester.
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