Below are the Bibles available as modules for Bible SuperSearch

These Bibles agree with the KJV in the MAJORITY of the following verses:
Matthew 1:2; Isaiah 14:12; 1 John 5:7; Acts 8:37
Please note, however, that this does not guarantee that they are perfect Bibles.

These Bibles are in the public domain in most parts of the world.
However, it is up to you to determine if those you wish to use are in the public domain in your locale.

ModuleLanguageNameShort Name
kjvEnglishAuthorized King James VersionKJV
kjv_strongsEnglishKJV with StrongsKJV Strongs
tyndaleEnglishTyndale BibleTyndale
coverdaleEnglishCoverdale BibleCoverdale
bishopsEnglishBishops BibleBishops
genevaEnglishGeneva BibleGeneva
trGreekTextus Receptus NTTR
trparsedGreekTextus Receptus Parsed NTTR Parsed
rv_1858SpanishReina Valera 1858 NTRV 1858
rv_1909SpanishReina Valera 1909RV 1909
sagradasSpanishSagradas EscriturasSagradas
rvgSpanishReina Valera GómezRVG
epeeFrenchLa Bible de l'ÉpéeEpee
afriAfrikannsAfrikaans 1953Afrikaans
svdArabicSmith Van DykeSVD
bkrCzechBible KralickaBKR
stveDutchStaten VertalingStve
finnFinnishFinnish 1776 (Finnish)Finn
lutherGermanLuther BibleLuther
lithLithuanianLithuanian BibleLith
maoriMaoriMaori BibleMaori
thaikjvThaiThai KJVThaikjv
chinese_union_simpChineseChinese Union (Simplified)Chinese Union (Simp)
chinese_union_tradChineseChinese Union (Traditional)Chinese Union (Trad)