This guide shows how to replace Bible SuperSearch Legacy (version 3.0, versions 2.2.x and prior) with the modern software.

Note, Bible SuperSearch Legacy’s default directory name was ‘bible_supersearch’, and the modern version has the default directory ‘biblesupersearch’

  1. Uninstall Bible SuperSearch Legacy.  (The new versions of Bible SuperSearch are not compatible with the legacy version.
    1. If you haven’t yet upgraded to PHP 7 or above,
      1. Visit http://URL/to/legacy/bible_supersearch/bible_install.php
      2. Log in using your MySQL credentials
      3. Click ‘Uninstall Bible SuperSearch’ then click Uninstall
    2. Otherwise, you will need to manually delete all tables prefixed with ‘bible_’ from your database
    3. Delete all files and directories from /path/to/legacy/bible_supersearch/
  2. Download and install the Client software, and follow it’s installation instructions.
  3. For each page where you had Bible SuperSearch legacy:
    1. Remove these lines of PHP code, if they exist
      1. require_once(/path/to/legacy/bible_supersearch/bible_supersearch.php);
      2. require_once(/path/to/legacy/bible_supersearch/bible_entry.php);
    2. Add these lines to your <head>, inserting the CORRECT path to the modern biblesupersearch directory:
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/to/modern/biblesupersearch/biblesupersearch.css">
      <script src="/path/to/modern/biblesupersearch/config.js"></script>
      <script src="/path/to/modern/biblesupersearch/biblesupersearch.js"></script>
    3. Add these lines to your <body>, where you want Bible SuperSearch to appear:
      <div id='biblesupersearch_container'>
      <noscript class='biblesupersearch_noscript'>Please enable JavaScript to use</noscript>
  4. Load each page, and it should be working.
  5. Install API  (Optional)Bible SuperSearch Legacy ran completely independently on your website.  To achieve this, you must also install the API on your website, then point the client at your API installation.
    1. Download the API here.
    2. Extract the .zip file.
    3. See the readme.txt for complete installation instructions.