Preserved Word Ministries (“we”) value your (“customer”) privacy and the privacy of the visitors to your website (“end users”).
All financial transactions are handled externally; no credit card or other financial information is retained or stored by our websites.  We do not share or otherwise make available any of this information to any third party, except as required by law.

We track the number of times your website accesses the API for each day, to prevent over-usage.

We understand that end users may be looking for personal and sensitive information while using our Bible search engine.  Therefore, we do not store any user-identifiable data on end users.   We do store anonymous form data; this is used solely to generate short URLs.  (These short URLs are needed to enhance the user’s experience, including the ability to share a link to a search, and allow the browser’s back / forward buttons to work as expected, even within the context of a JavaScript application such as our client software. )

For some items, we may use Google reCAPTCHA v3.  Use of these items is strictly voluntary. Your use of reCAPTCHA v3 on this site is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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