This page contains screenshots of every aspect of each component of the software.  Some may not be relevant to your installation.


Search Results

Passage Retrieval

Random Chapter

Random Verse

Parallel Bibles

English and Greek

Foreign Languages

Maximum Bibles

Text Display

Passage Display

Paragraph Display

Verse Display

Easy Copy

Word Processor format

Outline format

Custom format


Quick Start

Emergency Help (Bible SOS)

Where to begin (Start)





Strong’s Numbers

With hover definition

Foreign language support

Boolean Search

Boolean Search with Verse Proximity Operator

Client – Interfaces


This is the default interface.  It begins with a minimal number of fields:

But expands to provide more fields and features:

Expanding Large Input

This is the same as the “Expanding” interface, but with larger text entry fields.



Browsing Book Selector

This interface is designed for browsing the Bible, and doesn’t have any search capabilities.

Users simply select a book and chapter and start reading or browsing.

Browsing Book Selector Horizontal

A minimalistic, horizontal form for browsing the Bible.

Classic User Friendly 1

Classic User Friendly 2

Classic Parallel 2

Classic Advanced


Minimal with Bible

Minimal with Bible Wide

Minimal with Bible Short

Minimal with Parallel Bible

Minimal Go Random

Minimal Go Random with Bible

Minimal Go Random with Parallel Bible

API – Built in Documentation


Bible List



API Administration

Bible Manager

Bible Manager – Bulk Actions

Bible Manager – Editing Bibles

Bible Importer

This is part of the Bible manager.

Bible Importer – Importer list

Bible Importer – Importing and mapping an Excel spreadsheet

Options Page

Editable Terms of Service

WordPress Plugin – Administration

Enabling Bible Translations