Bible SuperSearch is an web-based Bible passage lookup and search script. It is available for download on our downloads page. You may also download SQL dumps of several Bibles here.

Bible SuperSearch has a user friendly interface that is easy to incorporate into your web site layout. The standard interface is the one you see on

You may preview the interface choices here.

If their are features that you would like that are not listed here, please visit our Feature Request page.

Bible SuperSearch has many features, including

  • Multiple Bible and Foreign Language Support
  • Several Bible versions included, many more available for download.
  • Parallel Bible – look up passages in several Bibles at once.
  • Strong’s Numbers
    • Hover Strong’s definition popup dialog
    • Strong’s Number searches
    • Inline Strong’s definitions when searching
  • Switch formatting
    • Nice formatting
    • Easy to copy formatting
  • Choose text size and style.
  • Looking up verses or passages with standard references. Ex: Rom 5:8 or Jn 3:16-18
  • Looking up multiple passages at once. Ex: Rom 5:8; Jn 3:16-18; Rom 10:9,13
  • Easy browsing between chapters and books.
  • Different Search Types
    • All Words
    • Any Word
    • Only One Work
    • Exact Phrase
    • Proximity / Contextual Search: All words, within 5 verses (or any number of verses)
    • Chapter Search: All words, within the same chapter.
    • Boolean search (with support for grouping terms using parentheses.)
    • Regular Expression
  • Advanced search page
  • Easily see a verse in its context.
  • Search within a particular section of Scripture, such as Law, Major Prophets, or Gospels
  • Specify a passage or passages and search within it.

For the webmaster, Bible SuperSearch offers:

  • Easy installation
  • Several web interfaces (skins) to choose from
  • Configurable – with more configs to be added
  • Transparent API usage:  It doesn’t send your visitors to our website when they use the software.
  • The option to install our API, and run independent of our website

System Requirements:

These vary depending on which edition you are using.
Below are the requirements for the stand-alone version.

  • Webserver with your own domain
  • 1 MB web space
  • Doesn’t require PHP or MySQL


Why Bible SuperSearch?

All church and other Christian websites should have a Bible Lookup/Search tool

We believe that all Christian websites need to make the Bible available to their readers.  We provide Bible software that doesn’t redirect your visitors to another search website, especially one that you don’t necessarily agree with. We should be spreading the Word of God abroad, but not have to link to some other website to do so.

Intuitive to Use

Bible SuperSearch is intuitive in it’s use. The use of most of it’s functionality can easily be determined from the web interface alone.

It also accepts most common passage reference notations and most common book name abbreviations, making passage retrieval simple.

Easy to Read

The Bible text is displayed in sans-serif (ie Arial) by default, making it easier to read. If the text is easy to read, users will read more. A future version will include the ability to change font size and type.

Easy to Copy

The Bible text is displayed with formatting that allows it to be copied and pasted easily into other documents, with little or no text, graphics, and tables that need to be edited out first.

Easy to Install

Bible SuperSearch is made available with an installer program that sets the software up quickly, without requiring any knowledge of PHP or MySQL to do so. If you know how to:

  1. Upload files to a website, 
  2. Make a link from one webpage to another, and
  3. Browse the Internet,

you will have no problems installing Bible SuperSearch.

Freely Available

Bible SuperSearch is freely available for non-commercial use. The only thing we ask is that you support the project if you can afford to do so. The software is released under the GNU GPL open source license, giving you the freedom to modify and customize any part of the software (but not the Bible text itself).

Bible SuperSearch was officially released on June 24, 2006. Feel free to use Bible SuperSearch on our website. Better yet, install Bible SuperSearch on your website.