Bible SuperSearch offers Bible tools for every need.

What are you looking to do?

I want to read, search or study the Bible.

Use Bible SuperSearch on our website

I want to download digital copies of the Bible.

Please see our Bible Downloads page.

I want to print off copies of the Bible.

Our downloadable PDF Bibles are ready to print! See our Bible downloads page.

I want to add the Bible to my website.

See our client side tools such as the universal client and WordPress plugin.

I want to offer Bible downloads on my website.

We offer multiple options for this:

      • Install our client software, it includes a Bible download dialog!
      • Use the [biblesupersearch_downloads] shortcode in the WordPress plugin.
      • Install our API on your server and enable Bible downloads.
      • Download Bible files from our website and upload them to yours.

I want to have the Bible completely integrated into my website.

This can be accomplished by installing both our API and client.

      • Install one of our client options (Universal Client or WordPress plugin) on your website.
      • Install our API on your sever.
      • Point the client software at your API instance.
      • This will allow you to run Bible SuperSearch completely on your website.

I want to build my own user interface for Bible SuperSearch.

See the API documentation here

I want to build a mobile app for the Bible.

Our API can power it. See the API documentation here

Better yet, install our API on your own server.
Our API even includes the ability for your app to download Bibles for offline usage!

I want to build a mobile app with ability to use the Bibles offline.

Our API can deliver Bible downloads of various machine readable formats, including JSON and SQLite

These can be downloaded by your app for offline usage.

I want to add additional Bibles.

If you have installed our API, it includes an importer that will allow you to add additional Bibles. (ADD LINK)

I want to offer proprietary Bibles such as the NIV, NASB and ESV.

We will only offer Bibles that are legally shareable via our API. If you want to use proprietary copyrighted Bibles, you will need to 1) Install our API on your server, and 2) obtain licensed copies of the text directly from the publisher. We cannot provide you with these ourselves. Request the Bibles in Excel or CSV formats, as our API can import those easily.

I want to build my own Bible search engine from scratch.

Our MySQL dumps of various Bibles can help get you started.  (ADD LINK)