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Please note: Bible SuperSearch is web-based software, and requires a webserver to run.

It is not intended to run on your personal computer.


  • Install one of our client options
    • Universal Client – works on almost any website
    • WordPress plugin – for a WordPress website
  • Install one of our client options
  • Install our API
    • Full independence
    • Import additional Bibles
  • Install one of our client options
  • Install our API
  • Enable Bible downloads (on the API)
    • Share God’s Word
    • Build a Bible app with offline usage capability




Client API
New Features / Bug Fixes Yes Yes
PHP 7+ Support Yes Yes
Runs Entirely On Your Website Requires Local API * Yes
Security Fixes Yes Yes
Easy Installation Yes Yes
System Requirements
  • PHP: Not Required
  • MySQL: Not Required
  • Web Disk Space: 1MB
  • A Bible SuperSearch client
  • PHP 8.0 or higher
  • MySQL 5
  • A subdomain
  • Web Disk Space: 250MB +
  • PHP Extensions:  PDO, PDO_MYSQL, Mbstring, Tokenizer, XML, Zip, Ctype, JSON, BCMath, OpenSSL, Fileinfo
Download (Universal Client)
(WordPress Plugin)

* By default, the client software talks with our API.  This communication is transparent; your visitors stay on your website.  However, you have the option to install our API on your website, and run completely on your website.

Installation Instructions

For each software package:

  • Extract all of the files
  • See the readme.txt file for full installation instructions

Please see the readme.txt file for each software package that you are installing, as these will always have the most up-to-date installation instructions.



There is no difference in functionality between the paid and free software.  However, while we offer our software available as a free download, we cannot offer ANY support for unpaid software.   This INCLUDES support by email.  If you need support and do not have a current license, we will ask you to order the paid version first.

Bible SuperSearch API

Version 5.4.019 Dec 2023

sha256 Hash:

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Bible SuperSearch Client

Version 5.4.009 Jan 2024

sha256 Hash:

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WordPress Plugin

Version 5.4.009 Jan 2024

sha256 Hash:

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