June 24, 2006/ Bible SuperSearch News

Bible SuperSearch, the open source, PHP and MySQL based Bible search and look up web script, has been officially released. Even in this the initial release, the script has some powerful features. It’s passage retrieval tool can look up most references, including many complex references. It’s search tool has all the features you would expect from any Bible search, including searching for ANY word, ALL words, or the exact phrase. You may also limit your search to only certain areas of the Bible, such as the Old Testament, the Prophets, or the NT Epistles. Custom search limitation is one of the most powerful features of Bible SuperSearch. By entering a passage into the “look up” box and a word into the “search” box, Bible SuperSearch will search the passage(s) you specified for the word(s) you entered. For more details on the features of Bible SuperSearch, see the Bible SuperSearch User’s Guide.

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