July 12, 2008/ Bible SuperSearch News

Bible SuperSearch 2.1.00 has been released.
This new release features several improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • A new authentication system for installer. The installer should now work on more servers. (Many were having trouble with the installer.)
  • The system can now handle large Bibles that require more than 3 module files.
  • Highlighting revised to handle quotes in the text.
  • Issues with the advanced search page and Internet Explorer/Firefox for Windows resolved
  • New Bible modules:
    • Thai KJV
    • Spanish Reina Valera 1858 NT
    • Textus Receptus – Parsed
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Fixed <div> tag imbalance that may disrupt some website’s formatting.
  • Issues with using period in references.
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox for Windows format issues
  • Random Chapter/Verse now works for user_friendly2 interface
  • Proximity/Chapter search with only one word now works, acts as a basic search
  • Fixed bugs in the Bible search tester.
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