February 12, 2022/ Bible SuperSearch News

Bible SuperSearch 5.0 has been released!

This release brings a plethora of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

This release marks the official release of the Bible importer within our API software. If you have your own installation of our API, you can now add Bibles from several different formats, including Excel spreadsheets.

Here is a summary of significant new features and changes:

Universal Client (formerly known as the ‘stand-alone’ client)
WordPress plugin

  • Language selector. Users can now change the display language.
  • Added Interface: Expanding Large Input. Similar to our basic expanding form, but with larger text inputs.
  • New UI translation: Romanian
  • New format button options, including
    • a decluttered minimal set with a new settings dialog containing the hidden buttons
    • no format buttons at all.
  • Highlighting toggle. Toggle keyword highlighting on and off.
  • Added ‘verse’ display option, with the ability to toggle between paragraph, passage and verse display.
  • EZ-Copy formatting options: Ability to control the format of the text to copy.
  • Added new (instant) copy button. Copies text based on current copy settings without showing the preview.
  • Added ‘Clear Form’ button.
  • Deprecated: the legacy format buttons with old icons.
  • Added a selector to chose Bible list sorting (WordPress Plugin).


  • Bible importers. You can now import Bibles in various formats into the API.
  • New Bibles with Strongs’ numbers including Spanish and Chinese.
  • New Bible: NET Bible®
    After careful consideration, we have determined that the non-commercial copyright on the NET Bible® falls under our definition of “shareable” Bibles and have decided to include it as an option. (NET Bible® is a registered trademark of Biblical Studies Press, L.L.C.).
  • New German Bibles:
    • Luther 1912
    • Elberfelder (1871)
    • Elberfelder (1905)
    • Schlachter Bibel
  • Easy updates for Bible modules. After performing an upgrade to the API, users are now flagged when the module needs an update.

(To see the full list of changes, please see the respective changelogs for each software component.)

Please note updated PHP version requirements:

WordPress Plugin

The Bible SuperSearch WordPress plugin now requires PHP 5.6+ (previously 5.3).

(Note: version 5.6 is the minimum version of PHP that WordPress supports.)


The Bible SuperSearch API now requires PHP 8.0+ (previously 7.2).

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