NOTE:  Bible SuperSearch Legacy ‘Pro’ / 3.0 is NOT going to be released, in favor of the upcoming 4.0 release.  4.0 is a complete rebuild of the Bible search engine, and is not compatible with previous releases.  While you are able to download Bible SuperSearch Pro below, doing so is NOT recommended!  It DOES contain bugs.  As we are not maintaining Pro, they will not be fixed.

Note:  The following features from version 3.0 (Pro) have now been included into the current version of the software:

  • Strong’s numbers
  • Italicization of added words

The following features will be added by a future version 5.0:

  • Statistics
  • Copy format options
  • Printer friendly option
  • Social media sharing

Please note that this is UNSTABLE DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE. We cannot offer ANY support for Bible SuperSearch PRO at ALL.  USE AND DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!   If you need stable software, you should get the current release.

Check out the Files from this git Repository:

git clone ssh:// biblesuper-legacy

(make sure to check out the ‘pro’ branch first)

Or, you can download a compressed (tarbal) file of the most recent update. You will need software such as 7-zip to extract this file. 

Browse the git repository:

View in Separate Window.