February 10, 2007/ Bible SuperSearch News

Bible SuperSearch 1.6.30 has been released.

Many more Bible modules available.

While this is only a minor update to the program itself, it includes support for the new Bible modules.

Bible modules include:

  • Authorized King James Version
  • Reina Valera 1602 (Spanish)
  • Reina Valera 1909 (Spanish)
  • Sagradas Escrituras 1569 (Spanish)
  • Luther 1545 (German)
  • Martin 1744 (French)
  • La Bible de l’Épée (2005) (French)
  • Diodati 1649 (Italian)
  • Synodal 1876 (Russian)
  • Cornilescu (Romanian)
  • Smith Van Dyke (Arabic)
  • Karoli (Hungarian)
  • Staten Vertaling (Dutch)

Most of these do NOT require upgrading to this release, except for the Arabic and Russian translations. However, it is highly recommended, since even the four old modules have been improved, and the KJV module was completely recompiled from a better source.

Other changes to the software include:

New Module creator tool that allows you to easily make modules from your own SQL database Bibles
Bible list organizer tool lets you easily determine the order Bible versions appear in the selection menu.

Several other tweaks on the manager and bug fixes.

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