May 4, 2019/ Bible SuperSearch News

We are pleased to announce the release of Bible SuperSearch 4.0.  This release finalizes the complete rebuild of the software that has been in progress since late 2015.   With this release, we are releasing the source code to our API.

Bible SuperSearch was originally built to be ran completely independent of our website.  Now that this rebuild has been finished, we can offer this option once again.  Our client software allows anyone to install the Bible search engine easily on their website; adding the API allows for complete independence from our website.

With this release, there are updates to all of the components of our software:

  • API
  • Stand-alone client
  • WordPress plugin

New Features

  • API source code released – now you can again run Bible SuperSearch completely decentralized from our website.
    • Install the API on your server, and not have to depend on ours.
    • Simple installer
    • Administrative backend allows you to manage installed Bibles and other configuration options.
  • New expanding form
    • Initially shows a simple input box and Bible selector.
    • When expanded, it shows more search options.
    • This form is now the default form (replacing the classic ‘User Friendly 2’ form which was the default form for over a decade.  The ‘User Friendly 2’ form is still available, as most legacy forms were ported to the modern software).
  • More configuration options on the stand-alone client and WordPress plugin.
  • Inline Strong’s Definitions – Displayed at top of search results when search includes Strong’s number(s).
  • Disambiguation links – For when using the single request field but requesting something that could be either a keyword or a book of the Bible.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Strong’s hover dialog where it was displaying far from the mouse pointer.

Legacy Deprecation

As this release completes the rebuild of Bible SuperSearch into modern code,  our support for our original software, Bible SuperSearch ‘Legacy,’ (2.2.x) must end.  We will no longer sell licenses for it, and existing licenses will be converted to 4.0 licenses.   We will support the software for the next year, but only for serious security issues.  Bible SuperSearch Legacy will be officially end-of-life come May 2, 2020.   If you are still using the legacy version, please upgrade as soon as possible.  See Migrating from Legacy

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